~~ r e a d i n g ~~

Books read over the last three or so years. My silly rating is based on story originality and flow, character development, and blah blah blah. Really comes down to - was it fun to read?

David Baldacci

  Split Second

Dan Brown

  Angels & Demons - Robert Langdon 1
  The Da Vinci Code - Robert Langdon 2
  Deception Point

Bernard Cornwell

  Harlequin (The Archer's Tale) - The Grail Quest Trilogy, Book I
  Vagabound - The Grail Quest Trilogy, Book II
  Heretic - The Grail Quest Trilogy, Book III
  Rebel - The Starbuck Chronicles, Volume I
  Copperhead - The Starbuck Chronicles, Volume II
  Battle Flag - The Starbuck Chronicles, Volume III
  The Bloody Ground - The Starbuck Chronicles, Volume IV
  The Last Kingdom - The Saxon Tales, Book I
  The Pale Horseman - The Saxon Tales, Book II
  Lords Of The North - The Saxon Tales, Book III
  Sword Song (The Battle for London) - The Saxon Tales, Book IV
  Sharpe's Tiger (India, 1799) - Sharpe Series, Book 1
  Sharpe's Triumph (India, 1803) - Sharpe Series, Book 2
  Sharpe's Fortress (India, 1803) - Sharpe Series, Book 3
  Sharpe's Trafalgar (Trafalgar, 1805) - Sharpe Series, Book 4
  Sharpe's Prey (Copenhagen, 1807) - Sharpe Series, Book 5
  Sharpe's Rifles (Portugal, 1809) - Sharpe Series, Book 6
  Sharpe's Havoc (Northern Portugal, 1809) - Sharpe Series, Book 7
  Sharpe's Eagle (Talavera, 1809) - Sharpe Series, Book 8
  Sharpe's Gold (Almeida, 1810) - Sharpe Series, Book 9
  Sharpe's Escape (Bussaco, 1910) - Sharpe Series, Book 10
  Sharpe's Fury (Cadiz, 1811) - Sharpe Series, Book 11
  Sharpe's Battle (Fuentes de Onoro, 1811) - Sharpe Series, Book 12
  Sharpe's Company (Badajoz, 1812) - Sharpe Series, Book 13
  Sharpe's Sword (The Salamanca Campaign, 1812) - Sharpe Series, Book 14
  Sharpe's Enemy (The Defense Of Portugal, 1812) - Sharpe Series, Book 15
  Sharpe's Honour (The Vitoria Campaign, 1813) - Sharpe Series, Book 16
  Stonehenge 2000 BC

Patricia Cornwell

  Hornet's Nest - Andy Brazil Series Book 1
  Isle Of Dogs - Andy Brazil Series Book 3
  Postmortem - Kay Scarpetta Book 1
  Body Of Evidence - Kay Scarpetta Series Book 2
  All That Remains - Kay Scarpetta Series Book 3
  Cruel And Unusual - Kay Scarpetta Series Book 4
  The Body Farm - Kay Scarpetta Series Book 5
  From Potter's Field - Kay Scarpetta Series Book 6
  Cause Of Death - Kay Scarpetta Series Book 7
  Unnatural Exposure - Kay Scarpetta Series Book 8
  Point Of Origin - Kay Scarpetta Series Book 9
  Black Notice - Kay Scarpetta Series Book 10 (The Chandonne Trilogy)
  The Last Precinct - Kay Scarpetta Series Book 11 (The Chandonne Trilogy)
  Blow Fly - Kay Scarpetta Series Book 12 (The Chandonne Trilogy)
  Trace - Kay Scarpetta Series Book 13
  Predator - Kay Scarpetta Series Book 14

Michael Crichton

  Jurassic Park
  The Lost World
  State Of Fear

Clive Cussler

  Atlantis Found - A Dirk Pitt Novel
  Valhalla Rising - A Dirk Pitt Novel
  Trojan Odyssey - A Dirk Pitt Novel
  Black Wind - A Dirk Pitt Novel
  Golden Buddha - Oregon Files

Nelson DeMille

  Plum Island - John Corey Series Book 1
  The Lion's Game - John Corey Series Book 2
  Night Fall - John Corey Series Book 3
  Wild Fire - John Corey Series Book 4
  The General's Daughter

William Faulkner

  As I Lay Dying

Ken Follett

  Code To Zero
  Hammer Of Eden, The
  Hornet Flight
  Night Over Water
  The Third Twin

Frederick Forsyth


Michael Jan Friedman

  Star Treck The Next Generation - Kahless

Tim Green

  Exact Revenge
  The Fifth Angel

John Grisham

  The Broker
  The Partner

Jack Higgins

  Midnight Runner

Conn Iggulden

  Emperor Book 1: The Gates Of Rome
  Emperor Book 2: The Death Of Kings
  Emperor Book 3: The Field Of Swords
  Emperor Book 4: The Gods Of War

Stephen King

  Bag Of Bones
  The Dark Tower I - The Gunnslinger
  The Dark Tower II - The Drawing Of The Three
  The Dark Tower III - The Wastelands
  The Dark Tower IV - Wizard And Glass

Dean Koontz

  The Face

Robert Ludlum

  Covert One 1 - The Hades Factor
  Covert One 2 - The Cassandra Compact
  Covert One 3 - The Paris Option
  The Janson Directive
  The Prometheus Deception
  The Sigma Protocol

Brad Meltzer

  The Millionaires

David Morrell

  The Protector

James Patterson

  1st To Die - Women's Murder Club Book 1
  Second Chance - Women's Murder Club Book 2
  3rd Degree - Women's Murder Club Book 3
  4th Of July - Women's Murder Club Book 4
  The Jester
  When The Wind Blows - Book 1
  The Lake House - Book 2
  Along Came A Spider - Alex Cross Series Book 1
  Kiss The Girls - Alex Cross Series Book 2
  Jack & Jill - Alex Cross Series Book 3
  Cat & Mouse - Alex Cross Series Book 4
  Pop Goes The Weasel - Alex Cross Series Book 5
  Roses Are Red - Alex Cross Series Book 6
  Violets Are Blue - Alex Cross Series Book 7
  Four Blind Mice - Alex Cross Series Book 8

Steven Pressfield

  Gates Of Fire

Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

  Brimstone - Pendargast Trilogy Book 1
  Dance of Death - Pendargast Trilogy Book 2
  Book of the Dead - Pendargast Trilogy Book 3
  The Wheel of Darkness

J. K. Rowling

  Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone - Year 1
  Harry Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets - Year 2
  Harry Potter and The Prisoner Of Azkaban - Year 3
  Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire - Year 4
  Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix - Year 5
  Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince - Year 6
  Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows - Year 7

Simon Scarrow

  Under The Eagle - Book 1
  The Eagle's Conquest - Book 2
  When The Eagle Hunts - Book 3
  The Eagle and The Wolves - Book 4
  The Eagle's Prey - Book 5
  The Eagle's Prophecy - Book 6
  The Eagle In The Sand - Book 7
  Centurion - Book 8

Christopher Whitcomb

  Cold Zero
  Black - Jeremy Waller Series Book 1
  White - Jeremy Waller Series Book 2

Robyn Young

  Brethren - Templars Trilogy Book 1
  Crusade - Templars Trilogy Book 2
  The Fall of the Templars - Templars Trilogy Book 3